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Realizing that my life is getting more and more busy, I’ll probably be turning to really short posts just to express what I’m pondering about these days. This particular post is about prayer.


I grew up in my Christian walk with the belief that prayer is something special. It’s not something you can do casually. The atmosphere and environment have to be right. Your format needs to be structured, and everything has to come together perfectly to have that awesome time of prayer before the Lord.

Well, just coming home from another prenatal doctor’s visit and faced with another long to-do list for the day with not enough time or energy to do everything, this thought occurred to me:

If God perfectly knows every thought of my heart and has said that every word that comes out of my mouth (even the idle words) will be judged on that last day….meaning that He sees all and knows all….why in the world don’t I pray more? Why do I delay prayer looking for a more opportunistic moment? 

As a mother of a 3 1/2 year old with 9 weeks to go on this next one, I honestly don’t think I will have many picture perfect moments for prayer in the next few years. So what will happen to my prayer life if I’m still waiting for that perfect time. Then I kept on thinking:

Is God actually unable to hear my prayers? Must everything be picture perfect for a prayer to be heard and received by Him? Is this not why we have a Mediator, that is Jesus Christ, in the first place? Does He not take everything we offer and make it complete, perfect, and acceptable to God on my behalf? Isn’t this why I needed Him in the first place? I can’t offer anything acceptable to God on my own, much less a prayer.

Not that I want to use this to forgo any dedicated time before the Lord, but these were my thoughts for now. He is God, Lord over my life…my life filled with convenient and inconvenient moments, filled with very busy seasons and slow seasons, filled with good days and bad days…He is still Lord over all. And He still desires communion with me no matter how busy or tired I am, and truly He is only a whisper away…it’s not even necessary to look up from the pile of dirty dishes. He always there, and I can truly pray to Him at any moment in my life. That’s a real comfort in this life.