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So I haven’t been blogging as much recently for many reasons, but if I had to narrow it down, it would be because I’m trying to be diligent in areas of my life that I know are more important, especially my time with the Lord. Being perfectly honest, blogging isn’t the same as quality time with the Lord, and I have to make sure that I’m not deceiving myself into believing that. So, I’ve been studying more, meditating more, reading more, trying to fellowship more, and it’s all been great and really producing some fruit in my life. And that led me to a question that I’ve had for a couple of years now…

Why aren’t more women diligent in actually studying the Word of God?

And I ask this question knowing that a good deal of women have a lot on their plates already, but I feel like this tends to be an area that we slack off in a lot. I’ve noticed that some women seem to get by with reading a daily devotional book or online post. Other women seem to read inspirational stories that have a nice way of tying in Jesus, endurance, patience, grace, and love. Still some other women read certain passages of Scripture for encouragement (and I’m not saying that’s bad or anything) and won’t really read anything else. While others will either completely forget, wait until Sundays to hear something from the pastor or teacher, or even wait for their husbands to bring something up.

I’ve even found that women’s Bible studies and gatherings can also be encouraging, but Biblically shallow with only a couple of women who have actually prepared and want to engage in a meaningful dialogue. And then in some places, women don’t want to get together for a Bible study. I’m not sure if it’s fear of having to be accountable or responsible or even being wrong or even corrected about something. Sometimes, the reason of not having a good time for everyone to meet up is absolutely valid, but there are always more solutions than not getting together at all.

So I don’t know. I don’t know why so many professing Christian women tend to neglect this area of their Christian lives. I know it’s not a spiritual gift issue, because we’re all called to be disciples (students and followers) of Christ. I know it can’t be blamed on excessive housework and duties, because we have the example of Mary and Martha coping with Jesus’ visit in scripture. And I also know it should never be avoided due to your own personal perceptions of your own abilities (or inabilities), because it’s the Holy Spirit who illuminates our minds, makes the Word of God clear to us, and teaches us how to understand it and live it. It’s that last point where I found myself for so many years.

But whatever the reasons are, I need my fellow Christian women to really up their game, to pick up on their devotion to God, to dig in the Word, and let the life of Christ emanate from them boldly until they go home to the Lord. These are the three main reasons I hope Christian women start studying the Bible more:

1. It makes you more pleasant to be around

To be honest, it is not always fun to be around some Christian women. I completely understand that life is difficult sometimes and circumstances seem out of control at times, but some women are downright difficult and unfriendly and unapproachable. And I will tell you from firsthand experience, it’s hard to remain bitter, cold, distant, angry, and joyless when you know the truth of God’s Word and your faith is abounding in it. Knowing the promises of God, the testimonies of the saints of old, God’s eternal faithfulness towards His children…..it literally transforms you. It transforms your outlook on life. It transforms how you see problems and handle them. It gives you a joy so deep, rich, and full that you just want everyone to have the joy that you have inside. It allows you to get past your personality or natural disposition to fully express the wonderfulness of knowing God and having your life in Him, and it makes you a sincere pleasure to be around and fellowship with.

2. You’re more prone to actually walk the Christian life with others

When you’re studying the Word of God, the one thing that you will face and deal with over and over is conviction, repentance, and renewal in Christ. Charles Spurgeon said that it is a process that should be repeated thousands of times in the Christian life and will stop only at death’s door. It is the work of sanctification in your life, and it has a tremendous benefit to you. But it also has a tremendous benefit to other believers.

Whether you hold others accountable, or offer words of exhortation, or words of comfort, and even a strong and godly rebuke….you help others (especially me) to really walk this Christian life the way we’re supposed to. When you are open and sharing about what you’re studying, learning, having to repent about, and growing in, it shows that you are really aware of where you are in Christ and where you want to be. For the other person (me), your growing sense of awareness presents a good, godly challenge to be aware too, to deal with my own issues of sin, and to be diligent in the Word. It demonstrates that you are truly a disciple of Christ, but it also puts you in the position (as you grow in maturity) to disciple other women in the faith. And ladies, we need that!!!

3. You become more useful to the body of Christ

Finally, as the Word of God comes alive and real in your heart and mind, you become more and more of a benefit to the body of Christ. From actually sharing more during Sunday school time and Bible studies, to the conversations after church where you can take the sermon text and talk about its applications to areas of life and connect it to other passages of scripture. The Word just flows out of you, and it is essential that every member of the body of Christ is active in its growth and development.

Not only that, as you study and go deeper into the Word it adds to your own maturity in the faith. That maturity means that you are less prone to certain things like gossip, backbiting, slandering, contentions, and even causing or stirring up divisions. Instead, your maturity means that you will boldly, but humbly, put a stop to those things because you know that the unity of the body of Christ is absolutely necessary to the kingdom of God and the spreading of the gospel. And then, you will even grow in your confidence to boldly proclaim the gospel to this unrepentant world, not being too scared of evangelism, but setting aside your own comfort to carry the gospel of peace.


Ladies, my desire is that we all grow up together in the faith and that as much as we know that we should not slack off in our homes and families, we wouldn’t slack off in our devotion to God. My desire is that we all grow in the knowledge of the Lord and maturity in the faith. No, I do not desire to see more women in ministry, or anything like that. But I would love to see more women who are serious about their faith in God, serious about knowing God’s Word, and serious about living that Word out. I know I need you.

Proverbs 27:17 says “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” I need Christian women to step their game up, to get beyond inspirational quotes and not rely completely on devotional books. For those who are married, I need you to not completely rely on the words of your husband for everything you know. I need you to actually be able to be active and involved in your own learning, studying, and growth, even as he is the spiritual head in your home. The Word of God is so rich, vast, and deep. It beckons us to love it fiercely, even desire it above all else because it is Christ Himself. Ladies, my prayer is that you have an ever-increasing and deepening love for Christ, as the Son of God and as the Word of God itself.