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Our baby girl, Alexandria Christine, has been with us for a while now. Naturally, people would expect me to write on a variety of topics like the joy of motherhood, what I felt when I first saw her….a whole bunch of stuff. And I think that I will write about one of these topics eventually, but at this moment, I just wanted to write about an Ephesians 5 man, my priceless husband.

When we found out that I was pregnant, my husband immediately began to make changes and a plan for how we were going to manage this addition to our family. He prayed and spoke with his advisor about graduating almost two years early, and his advisor agreed to support him in the process. He spent most of my pregnancy waking up by 7 am to start working for the day and staying up late (sometimes until 3 and 4 am) just to make sure that his research was correct so he could write his dissertation. During this time he diligently searched for jobs, literally, every single day from November to March, applying to well over 30 institutions for a teaching job, although in his heart, he wanted to remain in Colorado.

Finally, he got a campus interview in late January to a school, which later did not offer him the position (and still later offered the position again). But March came, and he was offered two on campus interviews, one in Florida and one in Louisiana. This was problematic now because our daughter was due on March 22nd, and they were planning to start inducing me on the night of March 23rd. One interview was from March 22nd – 23rd, and the second interview was from March 26th – March 28th. And even then, my husband talked with me about it and asked me what I wanted him to do.

My thoughts at the time were not just on the fact that I was about to have our first child. But as much as I wanted my husband there for the birth, I knew the burden he has been carrying since we found out I was pregnant. No, my husband has never talked about the burden, but I knew he was diligently seeking God because he wanted to take care of his family and be able to provide for us all. During our entire marriage, my husband has never said that he couldn’t handle it, that this was too much for him, or ever complained. Even when I felt overwhelmed by my job, he simply told me that it was my choice if I wanted to continue working, just to let him know in advance so he could make some more adjustments. Through this all, he has silently prayed and relied on God to provide for us all.

So, when he asked me what he should do, I told him to accept the interviews and that we would trust God that he wouldn’t miss the birth of his first child. And I know that that decision can seem really weird to some people, but I knew that God had been more than faithful to us, and would continue to be faithful even in that time. So he accepted those interviews, and went.

Our daughter was born on March 24th by emergency c-section, and through that entire ordeal, my husband was by my side, still encouraging me through my tears. Even after the surgery when the doctors were worried about our daughter’s health and then mine, he was silently praying for us, and we pulled through just fine. I figured that him leaving for the second interview would be difficult for me, but I didn’t realize how difficult it was for him until later. But God gave us grace through the separation, and my husband felt that we needed family time at home for a month after our daughter was born. Again, he surprised me.

Now God did not open a door for us to remain in Colorado, and that has been sad to know, but we have accepted His sovereignty with our lives. And we saw our faith tested again the day after we returned home with our daughter because my husband was in prayer over accepting the only job offer he received. From prayer, he realized that he shouldn’t take that offer because it would not cause him to need God or grow deeper in his relationship with God. So he asked me again, my opinion on the matter. Obviously, we knew that there was no other offer on the table and that declining this offer meant that there was nothing there. But again, trusting God, I told my husband that if he was at peace with God with declining the offer, then I would support that decision and that we would just continue to trust God. So, he declined the offer and left for class. When he came back (about two hours later), God had honored our faith. He received another offer by phone just before his class started, and the offer was even better than the previous offer. In addition, this offer was in a place that was going to force both of us to grow spiritually and really trust God. But again, my husband came home to ask me of my opinion of it all, and I just smiled and told him to take the offer if he felt God was leading him there. He took that offer, and now we’re moving to Louisiana.

I wanted to recount this entire story, because I have found myself sad and a bit overwhelmed lately, especially returning to work two weeks after having my daughter. And I won’t lie, it has been a struggle emotionally and mentally, while also battling the sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn. Yet, in the midst of all of this, my husband is still here supporting me and encouraging me through all of this. I’m not the only person waking up at night because she’s crying, but he wakes up with me and even burps her when I can’t. And over the past couple of weeks, I have not ceased from thanking God for bringing such a wonderful man into my life, blessing me with a person that considers it a joy to walk with me, even during troubling times.

I always hear people speak eloquently of the Proverbs 31 woman, that wife who’s price is far above rubies. But I wanted to take a moment and speak about the Ephesians 5 man, that husband who constantly adds value to all things that he is given from the Lord, including his wife.

You see, I have an Ephesians 5 husband, and no matter how well he expresses that I do as his wife, I find him so priceless that words cannot express how much he is worth to me. He is a child of the light, and he constantly seeks the pleasure of the Lord in his own life and in our marriage. He is not foolish, but walks carefully, always discerning the will of the Lord in all situations. He always carries a heart uplifted by the Lord and full of thanksgiving, even for the things not yet understood. He is not prideful and willingly submits himself to the body of Christ. He loves me unconditionally, without ceasing, willing to always sacrifice and bear with me, and he strives to grow deeper in his love for me, using Christ as his example and with the goal that we fully become one in our marriage.

God has blessed me with many things in my life, and I am thankful for all of them. But there is nothing like an Ephesians 5 husband, and I thank Him so much for blessing me with such a wonderful husband. And I even thank God for this rough period in my own life because I might have never seen how wonderful my husband actually is (or it may have taken even longer to see it). I thank God so much for him. I love him so much, and I just wanted to honor the amazing man in my life.

Ladies, if you have an Ephesians 5 husband, please recognize him. Let him know that he is worth something to you and that you don’t take him for granted. And if you aren’t married, I exhort you to wait for an Ephesians 5 husband……he is definitely worth the wait, and you will never be mad that you waited for him.