So, this isn’t a long post, but a question that I was pondering. You see, my husband and I enjoy watching “What Not to Wear” on TLC, and it’s just amazing to us the things that people wear, the advice their given, and the transformation at the end. It’s a pretty entertaining show.

So, I was thinking about my own “style” (though, you probably shouldn’t call it that) and my journey with clothing over the years. Growing up, I was never told that I was ugly. In fact, people always commented on how “cute” I was. However, my body shape was a problem for some, and I was told that I “looked fat” or “had child-bearing hips” and a lot of other things….pretty much the point was that my bottom half was too big, but everything else was fine. So by the time I got to college, I wore oversized shirts, baggy jeans, and anything that pretty much “hid” my overall shape. Over the years, I came to accept my size, and by working out more, I became more comfortable and confident because I knew I was healthy, regardless of my size. Consequently, I started to put more effort into the clothes I wore (plus having a professional job made me….lol), and I wanted to “look better”.

Now, at this point in my life, I am married and almost 27 weeks pregnant. As for clothes, pretty much nothing I own fits at this point, except for a pair of slacks and some sweat pants. Part of me wants to “do better”, but the fact that I feel huge (in moments) and pregnant (always) drives my motivation away. Plus, being in the lovely health-conscious (which is translated size-conscious) Colorado makes finding clothes that fit next to impossible at this current moment. Now, thankfully, I did not choose to marry a man that has high expectations for my appearance….he enjoys not dressing up too. So I don’t have any pressure for him to look better at this point, but there is still some small desire in me. The largest thing that is most important to me is making sure that I look modest at this point. I believe that a self-respecting woman does not need to put all of her assets out for public display. Plus, I want to respect the relationship I am in with my husband….no need to stir up issues of lust in other men. And I don’t want any other woman to feel less about herself because I want to look “fly” one day either.

But I am wondering this: Being a Christian woman, how much emphasis should you put into your outward appearance? Should you want to “look nice”? Is that okay, or is it being too caught up in the world? If it is okay, how much effort should you put into it then? Essentially, how do you deal with this issue?

Thanks, in advance, for answering!