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So, I got great feedback from people wanting me to start this blog. After talking with my husband, I figure why not. I mean, I don’t know if I will have enough to say over time, but it should be pretty entertaining regardless. 🙂

This day has been pretty entertaining with work and spending the evening at home. The funniest thing is that I actually look more pregnant now than I ever have before (my baby got hooked on that Southern soul food over Thanksgiving…lol). So, my clothes looked tighter today, and everyone had comments about that. But walking around, it feels like I’m carrying a watermelon. So I’m walking trying to stay balanced……I look pretty odd now, and move much more slowly. But the most hilarious moment is chilling on the sofa with Gabe (my husband). I was trying to give him a kiss, but I had a really hard time sitting up fully, so I was just inches away and fell back out of breath. We both busted out laughing, and I attempted to kiss him a couple of more times…..failing at each attempt. He was like, “Wow! That’s all the effort I get?” And I was like, “Well, if your baby’s head was pushing into my diaphram, I would be able to breath.” Eventually, he just pulled me up and gave me a kiss…..that was a mess!

But, I think that has been more of a struggle lately…..still putting forth effort when you see yourself falling short constantly. That situation was funny, but I’m dealing with the same thing in my classes and work. I am soooo tired, but there is still a desire to be diligent, to endure, to be steadfast til the end. Strangely, I still feel this way through all of my hormonal changes and moods. I want to endure til the end. My hope and prayer is that God’s grace remains sufficient for me. Now, I know that His grace is always sufficient, no matter the situation. But the challenge is: Will I allow that grace to be sufficient for me in my situation? Will I trust in His power, inspite of my weakness? Will I find that being dependent on God is enough, or will I try to support His work with some other temporary thing?

Just my thoughts tonight.