I just want to take a moment to welcome you to my blog. This blog highlights my personal journey as a Christian wife and mother, and trust me, it has been a journey!!! Sometimes I tell stories and what I’ve learned from the experience, and other times I like to share things that I’m studying and reflecting through. Occasionally, I’ll write about an issue or topic that’s really on my heart and mind….basically, I write whatever pops up for me, but my intention is always to glorify and honor God first and not shame my husband in the process. So, if you’re interested, please click on through, and I always appreciate hearing your feedback or comments on things too.

I figured I should add this here as well. Over the past few months, I’ve realized that saying that I’m a Christian can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I think that’s quite unfortunate, but it is the way things are. So I’m also going to be blogging about what it actually means to be a Christian, a faithful disciple, having Christ as Lord of your life, and other things regarding the Christian life and sanctification. I’ll try to keep all of those blogs under a distinct category (if you’re interested in reading those), but I do feel that it is becoming more and more important to be specific about what you believe these days. So you may see more blogs about that. Also, my husband is a pretty hardcore thinker. So if you want some things to really chew on, I suggest you check out his blog: The Road of Grace. Finally, I also contribute blogs to another site Credo Covenant. On that site, I focus a lot more on my journey into Reformed theology and applications I am making between that, my race, being a woman, being a mother, and being a sister in Christ.

Thanks for stopping by, and blessings to you!

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. -Proverbs 1:7

7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I love your comments and can’t wait to read further. Also as a Christian woman, wife, and mother in all my women’s Bible studies and couples studies, I’m feeling the urgency of clarity and sharing/exhibiting a Christlike life to the world and even my own family. I just finished reading a great new book. It’s brand new by Erin, Greg and Gary Smalley, called “The Wholehearted Wife: 10 Keys to a More Loving Relationship.” What stands out is that it’s about focusing on the one thing I can change – me – my attitude and relationship with Christ and what he intends for me in my relationship with my husband. It’s Biblical, inspirational and affirming. I highly recommend it. Very challenging and beneficial for me. Blessings!

  2. Finally a Non-porn website!!! Hello, I am a stay at home mom of 4, and I am just learning about how submission is actually good for me. Growing up in this modern age we often hear submission as a dirty 4 letter word. I often reacted that way myself, then I kinda stumbled into this a few weeks ago almost by a couple of keystrokes. Yes I beleive that Black women can be submissive. I am new to practicing it daily, but I love my new life, I love my new self. Instead of struggling with my husband, I feel he genuinely cares for me and looks out to protect me now. No longer a battle, but a blessing. Submission is the best kept secret. The love is amazing, has changed my world. It is really amazing what the enemy has kept us in bondage about is actually there to set us free to have fulfilling and red hot marriages.

    • You had me cracking up at the “non-porn website” part! LOL! But that is so awesome to hear, and I’m glad that you are loving your married life. Keep encouraging others to do the same!

  3. Cherise Stephenson said:

    Are you still alive lol?? You know you go on these old posts and I’m like how did I miss out on this good stuff lol. I would very much like some real deal Christian insight, I have written several letters to tbn and Joanie lamb etc, and no response? I am a black woman christian mother, and I really could use some insight!! Thank you if you ever read this lol. Cherisestephenson@gmail.com

    • Hahaha! I am still alive! Just adjusting to life with a 4 year old and a very active baby. 🙂 You can definitely email me….although, I’m a bit slow in responding. Basically, it just depends on the time available, but I should be able to get back to you in the evenings. alicia.g.tinsley@gmail.com

      • Cherise Stephenson said:

        Yayyy lolol!!! I can’t thank you enough for writing me back, I’m so happy u are alive and healthy and this is a real blog lol. I did email u and I understand u are extremely busy managing or contributing to 3 different websites. I really look forward to your godly wisdom, as you’ll see in my letter, I said I just have to write this person!!! God bless u and take care woman of God.

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